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Next press the main body of the shirt

dodano: 14 sierpnia, 08:23 przez imitationlinen88

  imitation silk fabric If you like that very crisp and fresh look to your shirts use a Spray Starch – the Dylon Spray Starch contains silicone for easier ironing and improves fabrics' resistance to dirt & wear.

  If possible remove the garment from the tumble dryer whilst it is still slightly damp. Always use a water sprayer with a fine spray onto all shirts before ironing. If you like to wear shirts with razor sharp creases in the sleeves this can be achieved if you first hold the sleeve at each end by the seam & lay the sleeve flat – smooth out any wrinkles. Begin with the back of the sleeve. Iron the cuffs on the inside & avoid any puckering. Iron into the sleeve from the cuff to remove any creases. Then turn the sleeve over to just lightly finish off the razor sharp crease.

  Next press the main body of the shirt, usually on the inside first & not directly onto the buttons as this can make them brittle. Iron the facing on the inside of the buttonhole panel & then the rest of the front. Go around the buttons with the point of the iron. Press the back of the shirt working up to the main pleat but do not iron it flat.

  Finally press the collar on the inside. Iron from the collar points to prevent any puckering.

  Hang the garment on to a good quality hanger with the correct shape – this can be when all your previous work is ruined! We have a variety of shirt hangers – the Deluxe Woodlore Aromatic Cedar Wood Shirt Hangers infused with Lavender will give a great result, protect your shirts and smell wonderful.

  Fasten the top two buttons & the bottom button to let the garment dry & hang properly. Items such as an Over Door Hanger is particularly useful when ironing. You may choose to use a Linen Spray when ironing, such as the Heathcote & Ivory Rose Linen Spray which will give your garments a wonderful aroma.

  Of course we all have our own solutions for doing the ironing – I find the job much more enjoyable when using a fun cover, with great designs in the Ironing Board Cover Range, such as my favorite – the New STRAWBERRIES Design 100% Cotton Ironing Board Cover. With my Strawberries cover and other ironing tools I'm taking a tip from my Father and doing my ironing in front of Wimbledon! All that's left to do is admire a perfectly ironed garment!

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